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Drivers who are careless or reckless must pay for their conduct and so must their insurance companies pay when their drivers injure or kill innocent persons. Drunk drivers or drivers high on drugs often cause accidents with terrible consequences. People injured by drunken or drugged drivers are crime victims. Unfortunately, when the State prosecutes the criminal, the full Civil rights of the crime victim are ignored because the State only enforces the Criminal law, it does not seek full compensation for the victim. For the full protection of your rights and just compensation, you need a Civil Attorney who will make sure you get your full rights to compensation.

I have dedicated myself in over 20 years of private law practice, to aggressively secure for such injured people, funds for: their medical bills (past and future), pain and suffering and loss of the quality of someone’s life, lost wages and, if the wrongdoer has acted with an evil intent, then, also seeking punitive damages to punish the drunken or drugged driver.

Besides representing the victims of negligent, careless and reckless drivers, I have brought the same degree of persistent and tenacious legal skills to representing crime victims including those who have been injured in cases of sexual abuse and child molestation and other persons injured or killed by criminals. My previous experience in Criminal Law gives me valuable insights into such cases. More than 40% of all injury causing vehicle accident cases involve the consumption of alcohol and approximately 75% of all fatal auto accidents between midnight and 3 a.m. involve alcohol and/or drug use. My cases are handled on a discounted contingent fee, if there is no recovery, no fee is owed by the client. We advance all costs.

I am well aware of the hardships people suffer when they become such crime victims. Their vehicle is destroyed or damaged, they incur substantial medical bills, they suddenly lose income, they endure pain and disruption to their family life and for many, they become permanently disfigured or disabled. Furthermore, they often are required to testify in criminal court without receiving any injury compensation for themselves or loved ones.

If you are injured or if a family member is injured or killed by a careless, drunk or drugged driver or by anyone else’s Criminal conduct be sure to call right away before evidence disappears and you may never be able to obtain just compensation.

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