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Joseph Gmuca - Phoenix, Arizona AttorneyThe Phoenix Metro Area is a dangerous place to live and work. This fact is obvious. The most dramatic evidence is to be found on the streets and freeways of Maricopa County. Drivers consistently break the speed limit, run red lights, cut off other cars, drive while drunk or high on drugs and often try to run pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists off the road. And when this happens, people are hurt – oftentimes seriously or even killed. Lives can be destroyed or made chaotic. Large medical bills are incurred, paychecks suddenly stop coming, people are disabled and the body is broken or scarred. Every month, every year careless strangers fill the lives of others with physical pain and economic ruin.

When these bad things happen you must take care of yourself quickly and forcefully because no one else will – not the careless driver’s insurance company and not the police.For, once you or a loved one is hurt, maimed, disfigured or killed you will find that you are on your own and the other driver’s insurance will even try to take advantage of you. This is why it is so important to act quickly. And in doing so you best have someone who will skillfully guard your rights especially if you come up against a crafty insurance adjuster.

Joseph Gmuca has been protecting the rights of persons injured and victimized since 1987. Over this time he has represented people from all walks of life and has done so knowing that his clients – injured, in pain and placed in a very financially shaky position and often abused – need an attorney who is tough and aggressive with the other side and caring and attentive to his client’s needs.

We have successfully fought for our clients against all the major insurance companies and know their tactics and how to defeat them. This is true whether you are the victim of a motor vehicle collision, criminal conduct, a dog attack, inadequate security or bad faith conduct by your own insurance company. At our office you will receive personal attention and be able to speak to your attorney whenever you want. You will not be treated as clients often are at the mega TV advertising law firms (“mills”). When your case is successfully wrapped up you will know that you were treated with respect and care for you as a person.

When you are injured by some person’s reckless or careless behavior or their criminal acts you should call us immediately so that your rights are protected and not lost. Remember – the other side will always start working immediately to deny or “cut back” your rights to recovery. Do not let your delay cause you to lose valuable damages or hurt your case.

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