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Understanding “Civil Rights” can be confusing to many people. For some, this means all those rights that come under “Civil” law rather than “Criminal” law. Others think “Civil Rights” concern freedom from police brutality. In truth, a person’s “Civil” Rights include many things. So, for example, if you or someone you know has been badly injured in a car wreck, by a drunk driver or bitten by a dog then such person has the right to obtain damages by filing a “Civil” lawsuit. This is your right under the law and should be followed if you believe that some person or company has injured you.

Similarly, a “Civil Rights” claim can also mean seeking damages whenever a person’s protected rights, as provided under the Constitution are violated by a State, City, County or any government department. This can include injuries to children, to the disabled, to the elderly or caused by the police or other law enforcement. In fact, there are times when both a private individual and a government agency act together and cause physical injuries to a person by violating their “Civil” rights. So, for example, if a State agency should place a child or a disabled adult or elderly person in the care of a care-giver and fails to discover that such a caregiver is incompetent or employs persons who are capable of injuring your loved one then you may have a claim against both the care-facility and the State agency. This would include sexual assaults and sexual molestations.

The Government in all its forms has become very powerful. Government agencies and departments now have the latest and most sophisticated technology. Law enforcement and other agencies use Electrical Control Devices/Tasers and other weaponry capable of inflicting great physical injuries. Governmental agencies have all kinds of technology – computer and otherwise – which if used incompetently or wrongly can cause the innocent to be jailed or reputations and businesses destroyed.

You have rights to be free from physical, mental and economic injuries. If you believe you have been injured by other persons, Government or each of them acting together then you should contact us immediately before evidence is destroyed or, as sometimes happens, it disappears.

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